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Collaboration is Key

We've all heard the expression coined by John Donne, in his poem that "no man is an island."

Meaning that no-one is truly self-sufficient, everyone must rely on the company and comfort of others in order to thrive.

I've had reason to think about this recently as I've thought about my writing career so far.

It's true. It's going well. It's saved me for sure from some dark and far off lands and though it keeps me in a world of my own, it also keeps me in this one: afire, alive.

I absolutely cannot take credit for this alone.

My sister in law began it by showing me an advert for a competition where you could win a prominent UK editors critique. I won a spot.

A padlock opened.

The editor told me to find Twitter (I didn't believe her) but I did it anyway.

Game changer.

A competition I entered required a blog. (I scoffed) but I made one anyhow.

I began writing for three prompts on Twitter #cinquainprompt

I made some scattered friends (and I do say friends.) By sticking my nose into other people's business, posts and breakfasts selections.

I entered a pop up. Someone @voidscrawl published my work! A door creaked open.

I continued to find my people (you ALL know who you are)

And on and on it went. Revealing my work, being brave. Even meeting people on the bus can be possibly life changing. Perhaps watch this space. Communication and collaboration giving me food for my writing soul and here I am today. At the horizon hoping for a rocket launch.

Somewhere LESS THAN A YEAR AGO I didn't think I'd be. With friends beside me I couldn't have dreamed of.

And support and time from family that is so precious!

I honestly cannot take credit alone.

No man is an island... so true.

If you haven't shown your work to anyone yet. Do it.

If you haven't found someone to complain about David Walliam's to yet.

Do it.

If you are yet to submit something.

Do it.

If you need a boost.


Don't wait.

Let someone kick you over the ledge and walk. Stick on a pair of good shoes and run. Find your people and fly. Find your people's people and soar.

If you've got this far (thank you) and if you want to see what collaboration like this can create between 4 people having never "met", talking over Zoom, working across Google Docs, via a California Printers by way of UPS and straight to your door...

Created from the height of collaboration on Twitter, from little more than commenting on a posted Limerick line edit on a Sunday...

Please feel free to take a peek. (I'd be nothing either if I wasn't a bolshy self promotor 😉)

You never know where it might lead you...

"Go", as John Donne also said:

"And catch a falling star!"

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1 Comment

Feb 14, 2023

Well said, Laura. Sometimes I still can't believe that you, Susan, Jerrold and I wrote a zine we can all be really proud of, when less than a year ago none of us had ever heard of each other. Who knew that taking a risk and leaving a comment on a stranger's Twitter post could lead to this?

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