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Stop... for a second...

And that's it. That's all I ever give myself. A second.

I'm racing to burnout with 1000 different thoughts in my head at once and if it wasn't for spreadsheets, lists bookmarks and the stern advice from a friend from time to time I actually think I'd turn to light, the way Doctor Who does when they generate.


I am in-between projects and have a few fun things on the go which are not stressful. What do I do? I grab a shovel and try to dig more holes to re fill.

I haven't written on the blog in ages. That's because Wix, won't open on my phone and I've not prioritised sorting it. I still haven't. I'm on the desktop today, with the worlds most killer 3 day headache. This not fixing Wix is a warning for me, a warning that I have been doing too many big things and that it is ok to stop... for a minute, maybe even more and look at the small stuff.

Refocussing energy to a few small things is definitely the way forward. Not trying to do too much is the key.

I am not sure why I'm writing this, is it for catharsis? Or is it to tell you its ok. It is ok to take it easy. Go at your own speed, pause when it feels overwhelming.

We all want the door to open but dint drive yourself into the ground looking for the key.

Dot let me boss you about, I never listen to myself. But...just don't put too much on your plate. After all, the buffet will still be there when you're done. And, it will, no matter what they say. I'm trying.

So here is me: 4 things for the next 4 weeks (That's not a lot, when you see my list.)

I'm off to have fun at a kids book festival this weekend with only the smallest of workshops for myself to count as 'work.'

I'm working on my detective novella WIP only when inspiration comes.

I'm having fun with friends on a small side project.

I'm trying to start a small editing concern and taking on a few clients for that

I might send my query letter to another agent (But if I'm being honest, that's what's spun me off course and into the tractor beam of whatever this is.)

And that is all. That definitely is all. I need to do what my body is saying and go at a slower pace.

I'm not complaining, things are going well and perhaps that's a reason to sit down. People say 'strike while the iron is hot' but I don't think we can take all that too seriously all the time. Have a cuppa, read a book, watch the tv, walk... don't write.

Please, my friends. If I'm going off again, and it looks like I'm adding more to these 4 things too greatly. Point me back to my blog post... won't y...

Oh, dear... I've just had the best idea for a story...



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Mar 31, 2023

I like your analogy about writing being like a trip to the buffet. If you try to eat everything at once, all you'll end up with is a massive case of indigestion. Better to savour each dish, taking your time to enjoy the meal. There will also be more to enjoy later. (Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, or anything.)

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