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Zooming with Bridezilla *

(*A poem written for a friend.)

Quick, hop on!

This gravy train is exhausting but we've got to get aboard.

The ticket I've got says: To Ride.

It's not lost on me. That.

As the carriage I'm in clacks on the rails

A woman appears on the seat opposite mine.

Though, she's not really there.

I see her through ether.

Like the music in her head I have to imagine, and to feel and hope.

I can't be bothered!

But the show must go on.

The ticket guy comes,

When he punches the hole in the ticket I hold it up to my eye.

In the light that glimmers through, there is a vista I like,

Where there are no trains, but motorbikes.

There I'll be free,

There I can Zoom,

But, not with Bridezilla.

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