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Laura Cooney

Laura Cooney wants to belong in your bookshelf and maybe even on your to-be-read pile. 

She is a writer from Edinburgh and when she isn't wrangling words or teaching she is also wrangling the two small humans who call her home. 

Her work is varied and she writes for both children and grown ups. She is as passionate for one as she is for the other, occasionally feeling like two very distinct people with only one name. 

So she made two. Lozzawriting and Lozzakidwriting, both on Twitter, find her there doing both her things. 

Her work has been featured in many places which can be found below. 

She is the winner of one award: The #Kidlitvibes Wheel of Feels 2023.

Laura hopes you can watch his space for more. 

In the meantime, happy reading!

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Praise for Motherbunnet

'I loved every word of this. 

I feel seen.' 

'It's profound. I've never read anything like it.'

'Laura Cooney shakes off the heavy hat of motherhood. A raw and honest collection.'

'Honest, real, raw, tender, vulnerable, humorous, and with a strong voice that made me feel like Laura was reading them to me herself. Cracking poetry, and so relatable, I heard myself sigh.'

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On Poetry Street

A Review Author: Brian Moses Illustrator: Mark Elvins Publisher: Scallywag Press If like me you are interested in poetry prompts, word...

#SpringFlingKidlit Entry 2024

Having entered this competition last year I was keen to try again and have come up with something a little different. It still involves...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I've been taking a short break from creative writing whilst I've been subbing work, workshopping and basically needing the break but I...

Recent Publications Avaliable To Buy!

My new Chapbook MOTHERBUNNET is avaliable from Backroom poetry or from me direct £5 postage inc. "A plate of...

Wants and Wishes

A LITTLE TALE I WROTE FOR A COMP AND DIDN'T WIN... I can't tell you how often things get returned to me as I deliver them. Pure greed...

The Unexpected Egg

Spring Fling Kidlit Entry 2023 THE UNEXPECTED EGG Spring has sprung and the riverbank calls, Picnic packed, off we go. Stones trip on the...

Stop... for a second...

And that's it. That's all I ever give myself. A second. I'm racing to burnout with 1000 different thoughts in my head at once and if it...

Collaboration is Key

We've all heard the expression coined by John Donne, in his poem that "no man is an island." Meaning that no-one is truly...

Christmas 1992: A Timeless Classic

Merry Christmas one and all. This is me singing off for a well deserved writing break and I just wanted to say thank you for your support...

Invisible Things

The road to publication can be a long and winding one for writers. To inject some fun in the journey, four of us (Susan Andrews, Jerrold...

Letters to Santa 🎅

So this happened! I have a poem in this anthology picture book. Thank you to @buzgaga, please, give them a Twitter follow. I began...

Testing, Testing, 1.2.3

THIS POST IS A TEST- I wanted take sure I'd set up my email alerts properly. However, if you want to, join in, take part, have fun! Send...

Bountiful Treats

The tub sits in the staffroom, Tantalising. People come and go and the contents wane. Silvery linings. First, there is happiness, Then...

Grand Tales #3 Pancakes and Morals

The kitchen is filled with childhood smells this morning. I’ve just made a small batch of a famous chef’s Drop Scone Scotch Pancakes,...

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