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Adult Publications

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Adult Publications: Past Events

"Crash This Prose Lisa"

The Voidspace_zine May, 2022

Published in The Void Space Zine an Online Literature Magazine. 

in the CRASH THIS PROSE EDITION with the flash fiction piece "Crash this Prose Lisa"


The Last Waltz of Arnos Finchley

Roi Fainéant Petities September 2022

 An unfinished taster or a story that I have subsequently finished. Watch these spaces. 

Sad single mother looking for inner strength to get through difficult times. .jpg

Mothering- dREAMING in an aWAKE state,

The Voidspace_zine September 2022

Written as part of a pop up event for the magazine. This is a piece prompted from two questions that stood out to me. The task was read the question, write notes for 3 minutes and then polish a piece. This hard hitting look at motherhood and self is what came of it.

Passion Led Us Here

Momentarily Neither Here nor There Until We Are

Roi Fainéant Press July 2022

Volume 4.webp

Musically Challenged

December 2022

Read my piece entitled 'Musically Challenged' in the Unconventional Courier.

Short Story Today.jpeg

Christmas Day 1992- A Timeless Classic

Short Story Today Podcast

December 2022

Tune in and subscribe  to Short Story today for the chance to listen to my story on the 21st of December 2022 on the First Annual Christmas Episode.

It's a  lovely Christmas Tale that'll warm your heart in the run up to the big day.


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Life is too short to duplicate work right? 

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Letters to Santa 


Invisible Things

This is a zine I have made with three friends. It is about magic in this world and the invisible things that live in the world just out of our peripheral vision. 

Buy it here

Coming soon! Cheaper UK postage, watch this space. 



If I Were A House

"I'd be your house"

I have a poem in this charity book created by From One Line/ Kobayaashi Studios for Sleep Pod a UK charity aiming to give homeless people a warm and portable place to sleep.

All proceeds go to charity. 

Link here: (ISBN 978-1914949135)

50 words.jpeg

The 50-Word Stories of 2022: Microfiction for Lovers of Quick Reads (50 Give or Take)

Adult Publications: News
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