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Children's Publications

Find my recent children's publications below. 

Watch this space for my new homemade children's poetry bookle with a twist.

I am currently working on a children's poetry collection and a fantasy quest Middle Grade novel as well as various picture books and am seeking representation.  

Children's Publications: Publications 203/24
Trees Reflection in the Water

Decisions Decisions

February 2024

Published in Northern Gravy a twisting and turning tale in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Try Again!


The Thing About Wasps

January 2024

The Thing About Wasps a story about wasps and kindness published in Parakeet Mag 2024 


Selection of Children's Poems on The Dirigible Balloon


A selection of children's poems I am proud to have published on The Dirigible Balloon they can be found here 

Image property of The Dirigible Balloon 

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Christmas Day 1992- A Timeless Classic

Short Story Today Podcast

December 2022

Tune in and subscribe  to Short Story today for the chance to listen to my story on the 21st of December 2022 on the First Annual Christmas Episode.

It's a  lovely Christmas Tale that'll warm your heart in the run up to the big day.


Kidlit Vibes Wheel of Feels Winner

Spring 2023

Nesting Late Spring Winning story about a child and mother cosy on a spring shower day.


Letters to Santa 

November, 2022

@buzgaga press published a book called Letters to Santa and I am proud to have a poem in it. 

Avaliable here

Invisible Things

November, 2022

This is a zine I made with three friends. It is about magic in this world and the invisible things that live just out of our peripheral vision. 


Children's Publications: Publications 2022
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