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Letters to Santa 🎅

So this happened!

I have a poem in this anthology picture book. Thank you to @buzgaga, please, give them a Twitter follow.

I began writing by entering two competitions.

The feedback from one told me to network on Twitter and SCBWI the feedback from the other told me to make a blog. I scoffed at first. Twitter... A blog! Away!

Never one to ignore good advice I followed both and look what happened?

I made amazing friends, I was encouraged to submit my work far and wide. And 11 acceptances later here I stand... On the rung of a ladder to the sky and I now can't see the ground below me only the clouds that surround me!

I'm starting to climb up this thing and I'm having a fantastic time, greatful for those I'm meeting along the way, pushing me up as I pull them. It's a journey and one I'm glad to be on, and not alone! I couldn't have asked Santa for more! Maybe one day I'll make some money but until then! Upwards! Who wants to join me?

Letters to Santa

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