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On Poetry Street

A Review

Author: Brian Moses

Illustrator: Mark Elvins

Publisher: Scallywag Press

If like me you are interested in poetry prompts, word play and getting yourself and your children interested in both reading and writing poetry then 'On Poetry Street' by the esteemed children's poet Brian Moses will be exactly what you are looking for.

The collection contains 52 poems. One for each day of the week and each poem has been borne of an idea or title such as: 'safer than ... ?' or 'If My Whole Life Flashed Before My Eyes' and (my favourite) 'My Wild And Crazy Side.'

The poems are rich in wordplay, imagery, rhyme, rhythm and fun as you would expect and are meant to be read, spoken aloud and enjoyed.

However, much like Brian does on his blog

he wants you to read these poems and use them as a jumping off point for creativity of your own.

Some of my favourite pages in the whole book are the pages where Brian shares his vast knowledge of writing poems with us. These contain accessible and inspirational tips on using repetition, rhyme, rhythm and explains some of the ideas and methods behind the work.

The young reader will leave excited to try out rhymes and explore. And I myself, as a fledgling children's poet cannot wait to get started.

The book is made complete by the well crafted black and white illustrations from Mark Elvins which serve to spark more imagination as you go. And you should, it's highly reccomended- this walk down Poetry Street!

Pre-order today! You won't have long to wait. It's out tomorrow! 23/05/24

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