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#SpringFlingKidlit Entry 2024

Updated: Apr 16

Having entered this competition last year I was keen to try again and have come up with something a little different. It still involves rain, of course, because it is April in Scotland but it is a hint towards the future and warmer days. Please feel warmed and enjoy.

We were asked to use a GIF as inspiration. Here is mine:

Look Closely

April presents itself boldly as plip, plop drops of rain, eggs and changeable skies.

Under the surface of chocolate, rabbits and umbrellas we don't yet notice the helpful and intricate march of the ant as it builds it's nest in the compost heap. We do not see the majestic tumble of the bumble as it flits from those little white flowers, we cannot name, to the daffodils and daisies.

It is not particular.

And nor are we privy to the silent flight of the ladybird, as she sets to work on the aphids and readies the garden for tomatoes and strawberries.

Beyond the obvious rainbows, startling thunder and the lure of the nesting birds as they fight over twigs, we must look more closely. For summer watches her tendrils creep forward, long before we do.

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