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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I've been taking a short break from creative writing whilst I've been subbing work, workshopping and basically needing the break but I have managed to write a few Christmas poems, it's difficult not to be inspired by what's going on around you with children at this time of year. I've kept a few back for last minute submissions because you just never know, thinking back to least year with two last minute winter opportunities!

Here are a few morsels for you whilst I take a 5 min break to watch the Grinch and eat a cheeky mince pie )while the kids aren't looking.)

Merry Christmas to you all when it comes and if I don't talk to you before, here's to a spectacular 2024. May we all be, creative, happy and ... published 😆 🎄🎁🌟

Santa's Favourite Colour

Santa's suit isn't orange,

purple, pink or green.

Nor is it brightest yellow,

So he's easily seen.

Santa's red, "and why," you ask?

But none among you knows.

"Is he red instead of brown to match the reindeer's nose?"

No, it's simple,

But, it's true.

You see,

Santa likes red,

More than he likes blue.


A finger here

Some tape there

Scrunchy scrumpling fills the air.

That's the game of wrapping presents.

Ribbons, tags and

Thoughtful contents.

Hug A Teacher Tuesday

Dear Santa, can you hear me?

I would really appreciate some cake, a little

dash of listening and an extra hour of break.

A moments peace to rest my ears, the ability to rhyme,

an apple and a glue stick, those would do just fine.

A mug of hot cocoa, a biscuit, a stapler.

A printer that worked, and a pile of red paper.

But what I got was Artie

with his shouting and his tears.

He's so small and delicate, an ocean full of fears.

I told him it was OK

And that you'd come to him.

Some people have big voices they just can't hold in.

A stapler isn't needed, I don't really have to rhyme.

Just do your best and see to it,

That Artie's doing fine.

He brought a card on Tuesday and there right within

He'd drawn a heart with a hug for me and even coloured it in.

A card for me! I nearly cried. With all this fear and worry,

The little guy had got his pens and scribbled in a hurry.

The only thing a teacher needs, is to know that he's OK.

Someone's in his corner.

Ready for another day.

For all the little ones that find this season really difficult,

for whatever reason. I've got ya.

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Merry Christmas to you too, Laura! May your stocking be full of lovely poetry acceptances. 😊

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