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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

My new Chapbook MOTHERBUNNET is avaliable from Backroom poetry or from me direct £5 postage inc.

"A plate of chips, that chancer the moon, stolen biscuits and stolen memories: the currents that threaten to drag us under and the life belts we cling to. In Motherbunnet Laura Cooney uses these and so much more to bring us truly into her world, and explore the bliss and the burden of motherhood. By turns intimate and playful, meditative and visceral, and shot through with a seam of wry humour, her words capture the push-pull of emotions at the core of the day-to-day with refreshing candour and, ultimately, a whole lot of heart."

Thanks to Katy Naylor @voidspace_zine for this blurb.

A poem about a cat (or is it) in a fun hand-illustrated-risograph-printed mini zine. £4 postage inc. Avaliable via email:

Invisible Things - Co-written with very talented writers (see below) and fully illustrated by Jerrold Connors who, incidentally, has a picture book project coming out very soon. Find him on Twitter/Whatever (X) as @jerroldconnors

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