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The Unexpected Egg

Spring Fling Kidlit Entry 2023


Spring has sprung and the riverbank calls,

Picnic packed, off we go.

Stones trip on the clear water and delighted squeals rise into the cloudless blue sky, here, ducklings paddle, quocking gently behind their mother.

We near the hill where the daffodils bloom and stumble, trip and fall.

“What’s that?”

Beside my hand, a smooth egg. It’s soft, alone and there’s no nest. We set about building one. A clattering of Jackdaws surrounds us as we screech and fumble in dry twigs and moss.

When we set off for home we are an Easter parade, with purpose.

We install the nest in the boiler cupboard with Bobbly Bear and mum’s hot water bottle and we wait.

Last Tuesday our little friend arrived. We didn’t name him Sammy Sparrow or anything daft like that. No, that would be crazy! We named him Larry of course! Larry…

The Lizard!

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