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There is No Tinsel in The NHS

My children are gazing at candycanes and I am here.

Where there is no cheer.

Sunday in A and E.

"Can I have a care provider to resus 1C please?"

This junkie is going to lose his toe,

"Och well just a toe"

There is no Tinsel in the NHS.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to be.

But some of them would, and she would and they would. Her too. And him. They too.

So I wait.

In the waiting room...

Beside triage, in-between resus and the door. Which we all know I'm not going through.

I'm waiting on a test I hope know the answer to and the reassurance I'm not dying (again), but I've got the scrubs for this one.

Because, the man told me to come to be sure. So here I am.

You'd have no idea there was a winter wonderland a mile away.

They’ve saved my life 3 times before and I trust them to do it again. (I recognise that doctor).

Probably a few more times too, before the end.

And you see they're working hard.

And there are people infected.

And it's clean and it's free.

And they're concentrating. Above all.

So when you take into account infection control and concentration it's easy to see why.

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