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Poetry Selector #1

To kick things off a small selection of poems that I have written from Twitter word prompts and competitions entered recently.

The Kite

The kite tail flutters.

I look, I see, I feel... Everything.

The kite, flits, whipped by the storm in my head.

I’m at the strand-line and I cannot bridge the expanse.

Not with this flimsy plastic.

The wind rises, quivering, unbearable.

And then, fleeing to be done with it, I let it go.



Mimsy they called her…

Because, she was full of it.

Mimsical and whimsical and

never really

all that


She wandered thither and yonder,

Talking her tales of magic and faeries.

They thought she was mad.

Well, wasn’t she?


Maxwell's Cinquain Hammer


At the tools again!

‘He’s taken the small silver one,”

“What? The hammer! The silver one?”



One, two…

Where is your shoe?

Three, four… opening door?

Five, six, is that Weetabix?

Seven, eight…

We’re Going To Be Late


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